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Can I customize the layout, styling and content of Profile forms and screens?

Yes. You can create customized versions of the templates used for by Profiles to view, edit, search and display listings. You can create a customized set of templates to be used for ALL profiles - AND you can customize a template to be used only for a specific Profile.
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How do I use the Batch Update via Profile option?

There is an example of how to use this here:

How do I use the "Include Nickname" feature for Profile searches?

Use Contact -> Sort Name for your individual and / or organization name search field. Make sure that Include Nickname option from Administer CiviCRM » Global Settings » Miscellaneous Settings - Contact Search is set. Then nicknames are automatically included when users search by Name.


How Can I Use a Profile to Control Search Result Columns

Advanced Search allows you to select a Profile to define the columns you want to see in your search results listings. In order to use this feature:

You can also "force" the basic search screen (as well as advanced search) to use one of your Search Results profiles "automatically" by including the profile ID in the URL when you load the screen. For example, you've created a Search Results Profile which lists sort name, phone number, city, and birth date. You've noted that the ID of the profile is 6 (this is shown in the admin's listing of profiles). You can create a navigation link to a basic search which uses this profile as follows:
Your best source of up-to-date information and answers to questions is the CiviCRM Community Forums and Developers Mailing List and Archive.

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