Get familiar with CiviCampaign and the associated components, survey and petition


Learning points

Session plan

What is a campaign?

A campaign is quite simple.  It is like a tag that can be applied all over CiviCRM

It has a start date and an optional end date

A group of contacts can be assigned to the campaign

Like other CiviCRM objects, it has types and statuses

Useful for grouping different activities under the same banner

What is a petition?

Primarily a way to collect signatures online.

Other information can be collected via a contact profile and an activity profile

What is a survey?

A way of administering offline data collection. Offline means

Survey also has functionality for working with teams people carrying out the surveys, i.e. ability to reserve respondents to specific individuals.

Petitions vs. surveys

Petition is not an online survey.  It is a petition. And is optimised as such.

online surveys

If you want to collect online data from individuals, you would be better off using webform.