By the end of the session, you should be able to manage contribution and contribution pages.


Become familiar with basic financial concepts in CiviCRM (including payment processors), be comfortable creating and working with online contribution pages, and be comfortable carrying out back end contribution administration and reporting.

Learning points

Things to learn

Session plan

This session should take 60 minutes. Explain that we'll cover the basics and that you can go into more depth using the book if you want to.

Basic concepts (10)

Explain that contributions are the basic financial building block of CiviCRM, and that any financial transaction in CiviCRM (whether a donation, membership fee, etc.) is accompanied by a contribution.

Contributions are similar to other CiviCRM entities like contacts.  Ask learners if they can think about how they might be similar.

A final list of qualities of contributions should contain:


Contribution pages (10)

Explain that contribution pages:

Show a few examples of real world contribution pages. It's probably helpful to show people some that have been themed, and some that haven't been themed. and have some good examples of themed pages.  CiviCRM has a good example of not themed pages.

Contribution page exercises (25)

Before starting the exercises, it is a good idea to show people what contribution page administration looks like by showing them the manage contribution pages screen.

Points to make clear include:

You should also explain to them techniques for testing (which include logging out or going into private browsing / incognito mode to test) and what happens if you don't log out for testing.

When recapping the exercises, it might be worth noting the different ways that you can create contributions records in the backend (including the menu, the contributions page, the contact actions button).

Payment processors (5)

Explain that if you want to take transactions on your site you'll need to integrate with a payment processor.  Points to make

Sales Tax and Invoicing (5)

Personal campaign pages (5)