Which software is this training guide to be used with? This guide is intended for use with CiviCRM version 4.6 (see here for the syllabus).
The older training materials have now been archived and can be found as a child page of this page.

Who is this guide for?  This guide is aimed at CiviCRM trainers who train users, system administrators and developers who would like to learn more about configuring and using CiviCRM.
                                    The courses can be run with groups of learners and the trainer will need access to a CiviCRM installation which is loaded with the standard sample data, a projector and a suitable venue.
                                    If you would like the learners to complete the supplied exercises the trainer will also have to ensure that each learner can access their own CiviCRM installation loaded with sample data.

How is this guide used? The Sessions - see all Sessions
                                    The different aspects of CiviCRM have been broken down into 14 individual Sessions (e.g. Membership, Working with Data). Each session can either be run as a half hour or one hour session as required.
                                    The notes for each session give a listing of what the trainer can cover, delivery ideas and and in most cases a set of additional User Exercises have been provided.
                                    The User Exercises have been designed to be completed during the training session either by individual learners or within a group.

                                    Creating a Course - see all Courses
                                    To help you put your course together we have put together a few sample Course Plans (e.g. A Two Day course, A Course for Fundraisers).
                                    Each Course Plan is composed of a number of Sessions, Course Trainer Notes and a Course Timetable for distribution to the learners.
                                    It is not intended that the courses you deliver include all 14 sessions. The trainer should select only the sessions which are most appropriate for the learners.
                                    If you are using these materials to teach yourself CiviCRM we recommend you use the session notes alongside the CiviCRM book and that you also consider working through the provided exercises.

When running a course you should consider;
- How do learners register for the course / what information should I collect from the learners (e.g. their dietary needs)
- What do the different learners want from the training? How can all the learners needs be met?
- The suitability of the venue. Is it a comfortable environment, is there a good wireless network available, is the venue accessible?
- DO NOT rely on the venues Internet connection. You should have a backup plan such as a localised installation of CiviCRM
- Consider having ground rules such as 'learners should treat each other with respect'
- Make your learners feel comfortable and maybe start each day with an ice breaking warm up exercise
- Do your learners want an attendance certificate?
- Brand all the training materials with an up to date CiviCRM logo
- Be familiar with the training materials
- Give the learners printed copies of the Course Timetable and a copy of any Session Exercises you would like them to complete
- Encourage the learners to ask questions but keep your eye on the time
- Do not try and explain everything
- Try not to interrupt exercises, better to share additional insights at the end.
- Evaluate the learners after the course

If you develop your own Course Plans (i.e. Half a Day Training for Membership Organisations) please add your Course Plan as a new Course page with any notes you think will help other trainers and information on any lessons you learnt when delivering the course.