Use the instructions below to try out or demonstrate CiviCRM on the site using the Sample Data distributed by CiviCRM. You are welcome to use the site or you can use your own site — the CiviCRM Installer includes an option to load a set of Sample Data. Exploring the Sample Data provides a head-start in learning to use CiviCRM.

You could also use the CiviCRM demo site — go to and login as demo with password demo. The CiviCRM demo allows you to explore CiviCRM as a site administrator. Lots of other people are changing things at the same time, and there's usually a lot more data than just the sample data, so things can get a little confusing. What you see when you get there is whatever was left by the previous visitor to the site. provides a smaller, more controlled environment for getting started.

Getting started

(1) The contact data is generated from a set of names, addresses, etc. When the test site is reset, the contact data changes.
(2) As you explore CiviCRM, read the pages — you'll learn more.

Find and view contact information

Advanced search

Email selected contacts and view activities

NOTE: Sending email from the -more actions- menu does not use CiviMail.

Membership management

Donor management

Event management

NOTE: If you go to an event and click Register Now, you'll get an error message (There are no payment processors set up on

Mass mailing

Go to and login as demo with password demo to try out CiviMail.