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Preparing to Import Your Contact Data

CiviCRM provides an Import Wizard so you can easily migrate contact records from other sources into CiviCRM. For example, if your organization has contacts in Outlook, MS Access© or Excel©, and you want to start using CiviCRM to manage your relationships and interactions with these "constituents", you can easily import them using the Import Contacts option.

You can import many kinds of information about your constituents, including:

Import - Step by Step

Importing contacts is a four step process. Your user login must have *administer CiviCRM*permission. More info...

Step 1- Upload Data

Step 2 - Match Fields

This step is where you match your import data columns to corresponding CiviCRM core and custom fields. If your import file contains column headers, these will be displayed vertically down the left side of this page. Data from the first 2 rows of your file are displayed to the right of the column headers (each row in this page represents a field in your incoming data file).

The import wizard will try to make intelligent guesses about what each column contains - and will select a value in the Matching CiviCRM Field drop-down if it has a good guess as to what's in that column.

Step 3 - Preview

This step allows you to review the mapping choices from step 2. It also provides feedback on rows in the input file which contain invalid data (e.g. mis-formatted email addresses, custom data values which do not match the expected data types, etc.). Finally, it warns you if there are apparent duplicate rows within the import file (e.g. two contacts with the same email address).

Step 4 - Import Summary

This screen displays the results of the import process, including the total number of records imported.