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Configuring Online Contribution Page(s) for Membership Signup / Renewal

If you want to offer online membership signups and renewals, you can configure one or more CiviContribute Online Contribution pages for this purpose. If you are processing membership fees online - you will need an account with a supported payment processor.  If you are planning to let people auto-renew their membership you will need to make sure the payment processor you use supports recurring contributions.  Check the CiviContribute Payment Processor Configuration documentation for more information.

You can edit an EXISTING contribution page by choosing CiviCRM » Administer menu » CiviContribute >> Manage Contribution Pages.  Then click on Configure next to the exiting contribution page.

To create a new contribution page, choose CiviCRM » Administer menu » CiviContribute >> Manage Contribution Pages >> and click on New Contribution Page.

Follow the procedures in CiviContribute Admin - then enable the Membership Section from the Membership Settings step and complete this configuration as follows...

You can use a single online Contribution Page to solicit both membership signup AND contributions. OR you can create separate pages for this purpose. When a page includes membership signup and a contribution section - you can also control whether payment is handled as a single transaction or as separate transactions (one for the membership fee, and one for the contribution).

Membership Settings (Contribution Pages)

Use this form to configure the membership signup and renewal block for a particular Online Contribution page.

Use a price set to offer multiple membership options, such as a national membership and a local membership. See Membership Price Sets for instructions.

Contribution Amounts

If you want this contribution page to be used for membership signup and renewals ONLY...

The Contribution Amount block will now be removed from this Contribution Page.

For more info on configuring, testing, and linking to your Online Contribution pages - refer to CiviContribute Admin.