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Outbound Email (SMTP) - SMTP server, port and authentication settings for outbound email.

SMTP Server - Enter the name of the SMTP server (machine) in the form:

SMTP Port - The standard STMP port is 25. Only change this value if your SMTP server is running on a non-standard port and you know which port.

Authentication - Click Yes or No to indicate if your SMTP server requires authentication (user name + password).

SMTP Username - If your SMTP server requires authentication, enter your Username here AND the Password associated with that user in the next field.

For most environments, the Username will be the local-part of a valid email account on your domain. This is the part that precedes the at-sign (@). EXAMPLE: if a valid email account on your domain is, enter admin as the Username.

SMTP Password - The password associated with the Username entered in the previous field.

If you are running CiviCRM 1.9 or earlier releases, the SMTP password must be entered / updated in your CiviCRM settings file (civicrm.settings.php).

define( 'CIVICRM_SMTP_PASSWORD', ''    );

For Joomla! installs, you will need to update both the Admin and Front-end copies of civicrm.settings.php.

Click Save to save your action or Cancel to cancel it.

If successful you will see the message "Your changes have been saved."

We followed the port requirement directions on Google Mail Business Apps Page to use 465 BUT hours later we decided to try 25 and it worked. So for some odd reason we had to use a non-secure port.