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Location Types Overview

Location Types provide labels for contacts' locations. Administrators may define as many types as appropriate for your constituents such as schools, vacation or second homes, etc.. You can connect multiple locations to a single contact record which allows, for example, an organization to have a primary location as well as satellite or local branch locations.

Location Names must NOT contain spaces, i.e., SecondHome, VacationHome.

The Billing location type is used for recording the billing address entered by an Event Participant during online event registration.

Configure Location Types

To configure Location Types, begin at the Administer CiviCRM page.

In the Option Lists section, choose Location Types.

You will see a list of existing Location Types. You can create NEW Location Types or Edit, Disable or Delete EXISTING Location Types using the links to the right of each Type.


To create a NEW Location Type, choose >>New Location Type

You will be taken to the New Location Type page.

Create a Name for the Location (with NO spaces) and choose Enabled for the Location to appear to users. A description of the Location is helpful but not required.

If your location corresponds to a standard VCard Name you can indicate that.

You can choose the Default option if you want this to be your default location for all contacts added in the future.

Click Save to save the Location Type.

If successful, you will see the message "The Location Type "NAME" has been saved"

Your new Location Type now appears in the drop-down in the Primary and Additional Location section of new and existing contact records.


For EXISTING Location Types you can Edit, Disable or Delete each option using the links to the right of each type.


Select Edit to view the Edit Location Type page where you can change the values for each option. Here you can also enable/disable the option by checking or unchecking the box labeled Enabled? at the bottom of the page.

Click Save to save the option.

If successful, you will see the message:

The location type "SecondHome" has been saved.


Select Disable to temporarily disable an Existing Type. You will see the warning:

"Are you sure you want to disable this location type? Users will no longer be able to select this value when adding or editing contact locations""

Click OK to continue or Cancel to cancel disabling the location type.

To re-enable the location type, simply click on Enable.


Select Delete to delete the location type. You will be given this warning:

WARNING: Deleting this option will result in the loss of all location type records which use the option. This may mean the loss of a substantial amount of data, and the action cannot be undone. Do you want to continue?

Click Delete to continue or Cancel to cancel the deletion.