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Basic Profile Functions

PROFILES can meet your Data Entry, Data Viewing or Data Searching needs.

These examples are only illustrations to aid understanding, not actual profiles. You can view actual examples of profiles

Data Entry PROFILE

If your constituent data record looks something like this:
and you only need certain data fields for data entry of a new constituent record, create a "Data Entry" PROFILE to meet those needs.
It might look like this:
This helps you enter date more efficiently by eliminating the need to navigate through unused fields during data entry.
A filled-out "Data Entry" PROFILE might look like this:
Data Viewing PROFILE
Using the same sample constituent data record:
You can create a "Data Viewing" PROFILE that shows only the information you need when reviewing a client's record.
That profile could look like this:
As you see, not all fields from the data record are presented. The organizations business process dictates that the staff member(s) that use this PROFILE only need the fields shown. This allows for more effective presentation of data by eliminating unnecessary information on the screen.
A completed "Data Viewing" PROFILE might look like this:
Data Searching PROFILE
To view only the fields you need for a search (dictated by your business process), you can create a "Data Searching" PROFILE.
That profile could look like this:
Again, you are matching the PROFILE to your business process, making for more efficient data processing.
You search only on the fields needed, and view results with only that data.
An example of a "Data Searching" PROFILE could look like this:
The results of the search could be presented like this:
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