This area is meant to assist any Jewish organization in taking full advantage of CiviCRM, the CiviCRM ecosystem,  and to share/discuss best practices. Login to post comments or update this area.

Audience for this document:

Most of the information below is intended for a power user of CiviCRM,  or somewhat geeky person, or a person who likes to learn and get their hands messy. If you do not have the time or expertise to tackle this cookbook, then get CiviCRM as a turn-key solution, and/or hire a CiviCRM professional.  Note: Just because someone can download CiviCRM and load it into Drupal or WordPress, does NOT mean they are a CiviCRM professional or expert.  If you plan to hire a turn-key service or professional, always get references from clients who they have helped with CiviCRM that are similar to your organization. 

Get this as a turn-key hosted service:

Turn-key providers are listed at:  https://civicrm.org/hosting-providers  (Most of these providers also offer training and professional services)

Hire a cook:

CiviCRM professionals are listed at: https://civicrm.org/partners-contributors

Suggested Extensions:

Suggested Content Management System Modules/Plugins

For Drupal7:

Calendar module - Hebrew Calendar for Drupal7 Displays Hebrew dates, holidays, and more on a Drupal calendar. (This is the standard way calendars are created with Drupal Views) This module is a fork of the popular "calendar" module for Drupal.



Bleeding Edge:


Still Needed: