CiviDay - our annual celebration of all things CiviCRM is coming up on Wednesday 24th February 2016. Find out what CiviCRM can do for you, meet others that are using CiviCRM nearby, and find out what CiviCRM services are available locally.

Use the links below to sign up for your local CiviDay meet up and contact the local organizers if you want to help out or present, or have any questions.

This page lists CiviDay meet ups happening around the world on Wednesday 24th February 2016. It also lists online events. If you don't see your city listed below, you have two options:

  1. Organise a meet up in your city - a good idea if are already into CiviCRM, live in a fairly big city likely to have 10+ people who would want to attend, want to spend a little time organizing the event, and there is still a decent amount of time before the 2th February to get things in place (see Organise a meetup below).
  2. Attend an online meetup - a good idea if you're just interested in finding out more about CiviCRM, or are unlikely to get more than a handful of people in the room, or it's only a few days until the event.

List of cities with CiviDay meet ups

#Location (City, State, Country)Registration linkContact details for organizers
1San Francisco, CA
2London, UK
3Denver, CO
4Bristol, UK
5Amersfoort, Netherlands
6Paris, France
7Canberra, Australia

8Dallas, TX
9Manchester, UK
10Washington, DC
11Bonn/Cologne, Germany
12Toronto, Ontario,
13West Chester, PA
14Brussels, Belgium
15Warsaw, Poland
16Western Slope, CO
17Copenhagen, DenmarkTBCAnders Iversen
18St Louis, Missouri McDonnell <>
19Leipzig, Germany Sieber <>
20New York, NY
21Mumbai, IN
22Barcelona, Spain
23Madrid, Spain
24Austin, TX
27Geneva, Swizerland
28Boston Mahood <>

Organize a meet up

CiviDay meet ups are informal independently organized events. This way we can maximize our reach and best cater to local audiences. At the same time, we're happy to support people to organise events. Email with any requests or questions about organizing an event.

If there is no meet up currently listed for you city, have a look at CiviDay events that were held in 2015 2014 and 2013. If someone organised an event in the past, you can get in contact with them to see if they're interested in helping out again.

Please add your event as an event on If you don't have permission to create events on email All CiviDay events should follow our event guidelines.

Suggested agenda

Evenings are typically a good time to hold CiviDay events since people can attend after work. Since the primary aims of the meet ups are to introduce people to CiviCRM and the local community, you should set aside a decent amount of time for networking as well as presentations. Case studies from current users are a great way to inspire new and potential users.  A 'What's new in 4.7' and 'What's coming up in 5.0' presentation template will be available for organizers who want to talk about the newest functionality (4.7 will be fairly hot off the press at the time of CiviDay).  A short and simple introduction to CiviCRM and what it can do is also fairly essential.

Here's a suggested timetable for an evening - feel free to use it as a base for your meeting and to change it as appropriate.

Co-working and sprinting

As well as organizing an evening event, you might want to consider a co-working day or sprint during the day for people who are already involved in the CiviCRM community locally. This could be as simple as finding a partner than has some office space (a large meeting room, etc.) where people could work for the day - on their regularly scheduled work - and go out for lunch together.  Or you could decide to come up with a focus for the day and make it a sprint or similar. Having a core of people working together during the day gives more time for people to get to know each other and provides an extra opportunity to recruit volunteers and speakers for the evening.

Marketing and promotion

The canonical URL you should use for all publicity is This will allow people to get a sense of all the events happening around the world. As of 19 December 2015 that link forwards to this page but at some point it will become a nicely designed page that lists events and should be a valuable tool in spreading the word and getting participants to your meet up.

If you want to tweet about the events, use the #cividay hashtag.

Please spread the word about CiviDay to any relevant lists that you might be a part of. Of course you should promote the event to local lists, but please also promote it to global / international lists. Including the URL will ensure that we publicise all events as much as we can. Suggestions for media and audiences to target include:

Proving already written content and sample text for tweets, etc. is a great way to help them help you promote your event. You can use content from and and this page as the basis for anything that you create.

You are welcome to use civicrm.or/civicrm to spread the word about this event and also to handle the event administration. Contact who can send emails on your behalf to local people who might want to attend the event and can set you up with appropriate access to administer your event.

Promotional schedule

The following emails will be sent out to our mailing list to promote CiviDay 2016.


We expect most sponsorship to be handled at a local level. Sponsorship may be in-kind donation of a building or go towards paying for food and refreshments,venue hire, promotion, etc.

If you are interested in becoming a global sponsor of CiviDay, please contact