This is the top level page for the GSoC 2015 project on OSDI Integration with CiviCRM.

We'll use this page or sub-pages to develop specs and track discussions and record meeting minutes.

Notes from Joe McLaughlin:

CiviCRM Resource Links

CiviCRM buildkit - - Buildkit is a collection of ~20 tools for developing and testing CiviCRM. These tools are referenced in the CiviCRM developer documentation.
Civix site: - Civix is a command-line tool for building CiviCRM extensions.

CiviCRM demo site: - use ID demo and PW demo
For API Explorer - Help -> Developer - > API Explorer
CiviCRM forums site:
CiviCRM GitHub site:
CiviCRM on Stack Exchange:

CiviCRM blog:

OSDI website:

OSDI v.1 press release:
OSDI API on Github:
OSDI API demo site:

NGP VAN start of draft implementation of OSDI:

Action Network draft implementation of OSDI API:

Google Melange info from Anudit Verma: see


Notes added by Anudit Verma :

OSDI Implementation extension on GitHub (alpha release) : 

Project concluding blog post :

Support/Forum discussion Page :