Send Email to Contacts

To send email to a single or multiple contacts, first perform a Search.

From the search results, select which records you want. Your options for choosing contacts are:

From the -more actions- dropdown menu at the top of the list of found contacts, choose Send Email to Contacts and click Go.

This will bring you to the Send an Email page.

NOTE: If your selected contacts have their communications preferences set to "Do Not Email", you will see this message:

Email will NOT be sent to # contacts - communication preferences specify DO NOT EMAIL.

See creating new contacts for information on communication preferences.
CiviCRM will automatically insert the email address of the current signed-in user as well as the email addresses of the selected contacts.

Type in the Subject and Message.

Below the message block you will see the message:

Number of selected contacts: #
Email will NOT be sent to # contacts.

This message will vary depending on the selected contact's communication preferences.

When finished click Send Email to send the email and return to the search results
or Cancel to cancel sending the email.

Each email recipient will have added to their contact record an activity that says email was sent and that includes the content of the email message.