By the end of this session, you should understand how to Search.


Specific objectives:

Learning points

You should aim to cover the following points in this session

Extra points that it would be good to go into, if there is time include:

Session plan

This session should last 60 minutes.  Without the exercises, you should be able to complete it in 30 minutes.

Demonstrate to the learners how searches work and then ask the learners to complete the exercises

Basic concepts (30 minutes)

Explain to the the group that searches are one way to display information about a few or many contacts, with Reports the other alternative.

Review the following searches:

Briefly review that there are searches that work for other objects in CiviCRM than contacts, namely:

Explain the way that adding more criteria will reduce the number of results.

Exercises (30 minutes)

Then ask the learners to explore the search functionality as much as they can. They should be encouraged to explore and if useful questions are asked maybe relay the answer to the whole group.