This course is based on the common 2-day CiviCRM User and Administrator Trainings offered in various cities around the world. Joe Murray of JMA Consulting provided the two day training to non-IT staff of non-profits currently using CiviCRM. The content was delivered in a way that focussed mostly on non-profit staff who use CiviCRM as part of their job, and are not necessarily tech-savvy. Setup, configuration and administrative settings were only touched on briefly when it might be useful to know something could be done, rather than training participants on how to do it. So the session material was not followed rigorously in every session.

Complicating the delivery of the course a bit, staff from one organization with about 100 staff only came to sessions that were relevant to their jobs in the organization, e.g. running events, handling payments, etc. So knowledge of content from prior sessions could not always be assumed.


Previous knowledge assumed

Materials and equipment required


Day 1

08:30-08:45Arrival with coffee
08:45-09:00Introductions & Course Overview
09:00-10:00Session 1 - Introduction to CiviCRM
10:00-11:00Session 2 - Set Up
11:15-12:15Session 3 - Organising Data
13:15-14:15Session 4 - Profiles
14:15-15:00Session 5 - Searches
15:15-16:15Session 6 - Contribute
16:15-16:30Discussion and feedback

Day 2

08:30-08:45Arrival with coffee
08:45-09:00Recap of Day 1, choose topic(s) for Session 12
09:00-10:00Session 7 - Events
10:00-11:00Session 8 - Duplicates
11:15-12:15Session 9 - Membership

Session 10 - Communications


Session 11 - Reports

15:30-16:15Session 12 - One or two of: Website Integration, Campaigns/Survey/Petitions, Cases, Grants (no exercises)
16:15-16:30Discussion and feedback