Because of the huge number and ever-changing nature of community contributed Wordpress plugins, CiviCRM cannot guarantee compatibility with contributed plugins.  The following information may be of use in trying to identify conflicts, Please add to/edit this information as applicable.


Information last updated onPlugin/ThemeVersionProblemWorkaroundOther commentsReporter
2016-02-25Super Cache1.4

Cached contribution pages don't work - presumably related to sessions / keys in Civi.

(A previous issue, now fixed: page won't cache if they have anything in $_GET. Civi adds a parameter to this, so no page is ever cached)

Add the CiviCRM querystring to the excluded pages in Super Cache's settings. This won't work if you use the shortcode embed method, though - you'll need to exclude each individual page (or shove the whole lot into an /civi/ basepage or something, and exclude that).

(For the never-caching-anything problem, edit wp-cache-phase2.php to change two if statements - see details below.) 

It seems like it'd be fairly quick to write a plugin for Super Cache that turns off the cache if it detects the shortcode:

2014-03-31Ultimate TinyMCE?Civi works but the editor didn't - you can't edit posts or pages  aglozier
2014-03-31No Category Parents?Breaks front-end pages  jcmorrow
2014-03-31Yoast SEO< fixed in latest version Breaks front-end pages when Open Graph meta data added to pages.Disable "Add Open Graph meta data" under the Social Media Facebook tab.This appears to be fixed in
2014-03-31UberMenu Sticky Breaks all front-end forms.  divemasterza
?Facebook Like Thumbnail     
 JetPackallCauses conflict with Backbone JQuery callsInstead of deactivating Jetpack every time you need to access a profile for a contribution page or edit a date, simply disable the Notifications Module at Workaround - themak
 "google doc embed plugin",36213.msg154020.html#msg154020   
2015-06-01Calls to Action2.3.x
cv: 4.5

Causes conflict with select2 lib

replace with patched select2 lib from 4.6 branch 
fixed in CiviCRM 4.6


2016-02-01Salient Theme

7.0.5; cv:4.6, 4.7

Causes conflict with Backbone JQuery calls, mainly noticed in Events -> Manage -> Online Registration  gah242s
2016-02-15LDD Directory  Lite0.8.53Causes conflict with Backbone JQuery calls, mainly noticed in Events -> Manage -> Online Registration  agileware
2016-02-25Font Emoticons1.4.1Makes text replacements in inline Javascript, e.g. with no spaces "( i )" becomes (info) causing errors in Civi's javascript.You can conditionally use remove_filter() to stop the plugin from parsing 'the_content' when Civi content is present. Or disable the plugin. haystack
2016-1-14Karma theme4.8.3 (and earlier)Causes conflict with Backbone JQuery calls, mainly noticed in Events -> Manage -> Online Registration

Currently using Theme Test Drive plugin - - as a way of enabling admin users to run a different theme when they are logged in, and so workaround the issue.

Perhaps a useful thread -


SuperCache code changes (no longer needed, but keeping just in case):

if ( $wp_cache_no_cache_for_get && false == empty( $_GET ) && false == defined( 'DOING_CRON' ) ) {
    // Edit to fix CiviCRM compatability - if there's a get request that's just Civi, it's fine to cache
    if (!(count($_GET) == 1 && $_GET['civicrm_install_type'] == 'wordpress')) {
        if ( isset( $wp_super_cache_debug ) && $wp_super_cache_debug ) wp_cache_debug( "Non empty GET request. Caching disabled on settings page. " . print_r( $_GET, 1 ), 1 );
        return false;


// Fix for CiviCRM
if ( (!empty( $_GET )) && (!(count($_GET) == 1 && $_GET['civicrm_install_type'] == 'wordpress')) ) {
    if ( isset( $GLOBALS[ 'wp_super_cache_debug' ] ) && $GLOBALS[ 'wp_super_cache_debug' ] ) wp_cache_debug( 'Supercache caching disabled. Only using wp-cache. Non empty GET request. ' . print_r( $_GET, 1 ), 5 );
    $super_cache_enabled = false;