Q: What is the difference between Case Roles and Other Relationships (on the Manage Case screen)?

A: Case roles only exist for the life of the case. There may be some overlap with more long-lasting relationships (e.g. a work supervisor might be the same for two different cases for the same client), but in general the rule is that if you want the person to appear on ALL cases for the same client, use a relationship, otherwise use a role. A good example of the former would be a family member. For people who should appear on ALL cases for ALL clients, see the next question.


Q: How do I add a person or organization that should appear on all cases, such as a government body, or administrative people in my own organization?

A: If your administrator has enabled it, there will be a group that has been created to hold all these names. You will see a link in the Other Relationships section on the Manage Case screen that says "Add members to <group name>", where <group name> is the name of the group. Click on it to search for names to add to the group.


Subgroups are supported. You can also reach the group administration by clicking Manage Groups from the main menu, but note that at first you will be in the current member list administration screen where the Add Members link is above the table, and then after you have selected members and clicked Add Contacts to <group name>, you still have to click Add to Group on the next screen or else they don't get added.




Q: How do I add a role that isn't already in the table in the Case Roles section on the Manage Case screen?

A: There is a link "Add new role" in the Case Roles section. You can select from the list that appears. If the relationship type you are looking for is not already in the list, you will need to create it first under Administer CiviCRM -> Relationship Types. If you do not have access to the administration section, ask your supervisor.


Q: How do I add a relationship?

A: There is a link in the Other Relationships section on the Manage Case screen, and also you can do it from a person's contact record on the Relationships tab. Note that you first need to fill out the little search form, then select the appropriate contact from the resulting list, and then fill out the second form.


Note that while the start and end date fields are not currently used by CiviCase, they may be useful and or used in some way in the future, so it is recommended to fill them out if possible.


Q: Why don't the client relationships appear in the Send Copy section on activities?

A: We couldn't think of a need for it. But note that a contact can be both a role and a client relationship at the same time on a case, so if necessary you can make them a role as well.

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