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Planning and implementation case studies from a few folks who are using CiviCRM to help organizations and communities engage more effectively with their constituents.

Adding Case Studies to this Section

Please create new case studies here using the Add Page link above. If you don't see this link, you will need to log-in or sign-up for a user account using the links in top right corner of this page. Or post to the CiviCRM Showcase forum . We'll periodically copy the forum posts here.
More real world examples can be found in the CiviCRM book:

Sites using CiviCRM, with some implementation information

  • Build It Green. Website redesign, membership and event management with CiviCRM 1.8 and Drupal 5.2
  • Christian Community. Experience, future plans, and wish list for Christian Community based out of Brazil.
  • CiviCRM in Japanese . "I just wrapped up a complete mega hack of CiviCRM to have it work properly in Japanese for an internal Japanese Government Agency and pulled the backend to the front under a Joomla install."
  • Community Partners, helps people in Massachusetts get health care coverage. Describes their primary needs and key considerations. A new project offers a CiviCRM profile search and accompanying Google Map of places where people can apply for the new health care coverage in Western MA. — see the forum post .
  • Conservation Fund. CiviCRM Critical to Online Donations. Seven program sites, ten CiviCRM contribution types/pages. Donations processed through a custom built payment processor which uses PayJunction (contributed back to the CiviCRM project). Uses Drupal's Ecommerce.
  • ecoSpark. A back-office implementation including information architecture and data migration.
  • Europe China Academic Network, enables and encourages intellectual exchange and dialogue fostering closer cooperation between European research institutions within the field of Contemporary China Studies. Describes their objectives and implementation.
  • Fair Vote Canada. Uses CiviCRM as primary CRM. Migration challenge from Excel spreadsheets of a mature organization.
  • Front Line. Front Line uses CiviCRM for an internal database, on a secure setup, to keep track of human rights violation cases and appropriate actions taken by Front Line, as well as for organising events. Front Line sponsored development of the initial implementations of Case Management and Grants functionality which has been made available to the community as part of CiviCRM 2.0.
  • Kabissa - Space for Change in Africa. We worked with the CiviCRM team to create customized forms and views to tailor civicrm to create a social networking site for African organizations.
  • Nonprofit Association of Oregon - an example of robust form customization, extensive events and membership usage, as well as CiviCRM Membership > Drupal Roles sync module.
  • QuestBridge, provides a bridge to higher education for highly motivated and talented low-income youth. QuestBridge needed custom data on their application form, customizable data views, search capabilities, and export functions.
  • Redwood Technology Consortium has used Drupal for several years and recently integrated CiviCRM to handle membership and display membership listings. Getting old member records to work with CiviCRM was challenging.
  • RNAO is a professional association of nurses that has successfully piloted CiviCRM on a complex AGM Event and is now launched on a program of replacing their legacy AmSoft installation with CiviMember and assorted other CiviCRM functionality.
  • Upstream Public Health A Drupal 6 and CiviCRM 3 installation using Profiles to manage online mailing lists and signup forms. Also illustrates use of Drupal Views and Skinr blocks.
  • Vermont Progressive Party is using CiviCRM for voter tracking in a state with a half million voters. They regularly receive a voters file from the government and import it.

Sites using CiviCRM

  • ABWA Humble Artesian, a chapter of, American Business Women's Association. Concise statement of goals, platform, features used, and issues.
  • Bioneers uses CiviCRM to used to manage their 70k contacts, accept donations, manage 2100 memberships, and integrate with their custom conference registration application.
  • Integrative Restoration Institute Example of CiviEvent, Drupal Views Calendar integration, CiviContribute donation pages, CiviMail usage, and CiviMember/Drupal Roles sync.
  • Linux Foundation uses CiviCRM for managing individual memberships and event registration.
  • Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals. They needed a web presence to grow their membership and make it easier for the organization to promote itself. At this time, their current membership will not be migrated to CiviCRM, but CivCRM was chosen to allow this growth.
  • TechSoup. TechSoup Global's partner NGO technology donation sites around the world all use CiviCRM.
  • Tik vzw in Belgium, a usergroup for customers of Belgian Internet providers. "CiviCRM is the perfect solution for the integration of our member database." Also using CiviMail.
  • Voscur - a Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) using CiviCRM since 2007 to manage Directories of organisations, mass mailings and events.
  • Wikimedia Foundation Fundraising. Managing over $857,000 of contributions and powering a real-time donor recognition page. Using i18n for internationalization.
  • Aucun

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