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This page refers to CiviCRM 3.4 and 4.0, current STABLE version.

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Localization - Localization settings include user language, default currency and available countries for address input.

(see also

Language and Currency

User Language - Select from the dropdown list the language used for this installation. Installed "translations" are listed in langageCode_countryCode format. Check the CiviCRM downloads page for additional translations if the one you need is not listed.

Default Currency - Select from the dropdown list the default currency you want assigned to contributions and other monetary transactions.

Monetary Locale - Select from the dropdown list the locale you want for monetary display (affects formatting specifiers below).

Monetary Display - Enter the format for displaying monetary values, i.e. "%c %a"

Legacy Encoding - If import files are NOT encoded as UTF-8, specify an alternate character encoding for these files. The default of Windows-1252 will work for Excel-created .CSV files on many computers.

Contact Address Fields - Selection Values

Default Country - Select from the dropdown list the country you would like selected by default when adding a new contact address.

Available Countries - Select the countries you want to appear in the Country selection field when adding or editing contact addresses. Click on a country name then click Add>>.

You can type a letter to move to that letter in the Country list, i.e., typing M takes you to Macao. You can also use Shift-Click, Ctrl-Click, etc. to select multiple countries.

Available States and Provinces - Select the countries' states and/or provinces you want to appear in the State/Province selection field when adding or editing contact addresses. Click on a country name then click Add>>.

Multiple Languages Support - CiviCRM installations can support multiple languages, allowing the user to switch from one language to another and allowing site administrators to maintain multi-language versions of many database-driven forms and pages (for example, you can create multi-language versions of an Online Contribution page).

In MySQL 5.0 the CiviCRM MySQL user needs SUPER, CREATE VIEW, and SHOW VIEW privileges to enable a multi-language CiviCRM.
These are in addition to "ALL" privileges.

mysql> USE db_name;
mysql> GRANT SUPER, CREATE VIEW, SHOW VIEW ON *.* TO 'db_user'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
mysql> EXIT;

Click Save to save your action or Cancel to cancel it.

If successful you will see the message "Your changes have been saved."

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