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CiviCRM 2.2 Documentation

Support and Participation

Developer Resources

Introduction to CiviCRM

A non-technical introduction to CiviCRM features and components.

CiviCRM Intro.pdf (PDF format)
CiviCRM Intro.ppt (Powerpoint format)

CiviCRM in Action

Examples of sites using CiviCRM to collect contact information, solicit online contributions, provide online membership signup and event registration.

CiviCRM In Action (site examples).pdf (PDF format)
CiviCRM In Action (site examples).ppt (Powerpoint format)

Meetup Presentations

3.0 Highlights (by Brian Shaughnessy)
Building a rich community engagement site on top of CiviCRM (

Open Source Software and Non-profits

Presentation developed for a Future Tech panel at the 2009 Craigslist Non-profit Bootcamp. Includes a simple definition of open source software and rationale for use by non-profits. Also includes brief descriptions and screenshots from a several cool CiviCRM implementations.

FutureTech-OpenSourceForNon-profits.pdf (PDF format)
FutureTech-OpenSourceForNon-profits.ppt (Powerpoint format)

NOSI/NTEN Webinar April 2008

This version was used for the NOSI/NTEN Webinar on April 29, 2008. This is a combination of the above presentations and the chat transcript.

CiviCRM Intro.pdf (PDF format)
CiviCRM Intro.ppt (Powerpoint format)
CiviCRM In Action (site examples).pdf (PDF format)
CiviCRM In Action (site examples).ppt (Powerpoint format)
NTEN Webinar Chat Transcript (April 2008)

CiviCRM - Advanced Topics

This is an outline for advanced / developer training. This version was developed for Aspiration's eAdvocacy Jamboree - July 2007.

Advanced CiviCRM Training.pdf (PDF format)
Advanced CiviCRM Training.ppt (Powerpoint format)

CiviCRM Marketing Materials

A marketing brochure is available here

Presentation to a New York City NGO by Dave Notik

(included here with permission from Dave Notik). The relevant email is here

Dave Notik.pdf

Nonprofit Technology Conference, March 2008

Affinity Group Meeting Notes
Affinity Group Attendees
Lunch Table Discussion

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