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Undelete, Logging and ReCAPTCHA - PDF Receipts, Version Checking, CAPTCHA, Link Lifespan, Contact Delete, Attachments, & other Misc. Settings

The screen at CiviCRM › Administer CiviCRM › Settings - Undelete, Logging and ReCAPTCHA contains a number of miscellaneous global settings for CiviCRM:

  • Dashboard cache timeout - The number of minutes to cache dashlet content on dashboard.
  • CheckSum Lifespan - The number of days before a personalized (hashed) link will expire.
  • Contact Trash & Undelete - If enabled, deleted contacts will be moved to trash (instead of being destroyed). Users with the proper permission are able to search for the deleted contacts and restore them (or delete permanently).
  • Logging - If enabled, all actions performed on non-cache tables will be logged (in the respective log_* tables). Logging functionality is currently in beta. Please test this feature on a copy of your database prior to using it on a production site.
  • Attach PDF copy to receipts - If enabled, CiviCRM sends PDF receipt as an attachment during event signup or online contribution.
  • Path to wkhtmltopdf executablewkhtmltopdf is an alternative utility for generating PDF's which may provide better performance especially if you are generating a large number of PDF letters or receipts. Your system administrator will need to download and install this utility, and enter the executable path here.
  • Version Check & Statistics Reporting - If enabled, CiviCRM automatically checks availablity of a newer version of the software. New version alerts will be displayed on the main CiviCRM Administration page.
  • When enabled, statistics about your CiviCRM installation are reported anonymously to the CiviCRM team to assist in prioritizing ongoing development efforts. The following information is gathered: CiviCRM version, versions of PHP, MySQL and framework (Drupal/Joomla/standalone), and default language. Counts (but no actual data) of the following record types are reported: contacts, activities, cases, relationships, contributions, contribution pages, contribution products, contribution widgets, discounts, price sets, profiles, events, participants, tell-a-friend pages, grants, mailings, memberships, membership blocks, pledges, pledge blocks and active payment processor types.
  • Maximum Attachments - Maximum number of files (documents, images, etc.) which can attached to emails or activities.
  • Maximum File Size (in MB) - Maximum Size of file (documents, images, etc.) which can attached to emails or activities. Note: php.ini should support this file size.
  • CiviCRM Version Check - Indicate if you want CiviCRM to automatically check availablity of a newer version of the software. If enabled, new version alerts will be displayed on the main CiviCRM Administration page.
  • Captcha Font - Enter a Filename for a suitable true-type font (*.ttf) to render the CAPTCHA image.

IMPORTANT: A valid CAPTCHA font and path are required if you have enabled the CAPTCHA feature for any of your CiviCRM Profile input forms.

Captcha Font Path - Indicate the absolute file-system path to the directory where the CAPTCHA font file is located.

Click Save to save your action or Cancel to cancel it.

If successful you will see the message "Your changes have been saved."

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