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Michael Dickson is intending to develop an interface for importing contact and activity data from a single file.

The use case is that a walklist has been exported to csv, 'survey' results have been collected and entered into Excel due to speed of data entry, and there is a need to import the resulting csv file containing both contact information and activity information. There are core and custom fields for both contacts and activities.

The contacts may or may not exist in the database (some new contacts are identified during the door-to-door canvassing). For contacts, the normal options for identifying and handling dupes during import will be available eg adding, updating matching contacts etc will be available.

The file contains only 'new' activities. Records with errors during import will need to be provided back to the user in the normal fashion during import so that they can be corrected and re-imported successfully. There is no unique ID in our use case that will be used to match activities against existing ones. This should not pose a problem if the logic of importing new (or existing) activities is followed

Initial Statement of Work:

  1. Document new CiviCampaign functionality in the wiki, especially for walklists.
  2. Develop a more detailed statement of work similar to (leaving aside the creation of issue in JIRA).
  3. Include in the statement of work an extension of the API being developed in so that it will support create operations.
  4. Solicit feedback on the design from the community and core team.
  5. Develop and document the enhancement including unit and Selenium tests.
  6. Submit working code to core team.

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