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This page refers to CiviCRM 3.4 and 4.0, current STABLE version.

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CiviMail Context and Overview

Email is an essential part of constituent engagement. Tracking how constituents respond to emails allows you to know exactly which subjects or events your constituents are interested in, and their level of interest.

It is important to track the results of emails and learn from them. If you send out emails on three different subjects and subject #3 is opened by many more people than the other two, that tells you that subject #3 is important to your constituents. You would be smart to create more content on your website about this subject, create other ways for constituents to learn about or take action around this subject, even consider doing a fundraising campaign based on that subject.

Emails are also an excellent driver of traffic to your website. Rather than sending an entire article via email, consider posting the article on your site and including links in emails and enewsletters to the article. Include short, enticing sentences with links to encourage your readers to click through and learn more on your site. Be sure to include pictures as well as text in your emails.

In general, emails are best kept short and to the point. Even Enewsletters usually don't need to contain a large amount of content, but rather short descriptions (and pictures) with links to more information for the reader to explore.

To use CiviMail, you:

  1. Name the Mailing
  2. Select Recipients (Mailing list which is an existing Group)
  3. Upload Message (Email Text)
  4. Test the Mailing
  5. Schedule and Send the Emails
  6. Review Email Responses

When you click on the CiviMail menu from the CiviCRM home page, you will be brought to the main CiviMail screen which lists all sent mailings.

See Send Mailing for more information

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