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This page refers to CiviCRM 3.4 and 4.0, current STABLE version.

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Manage Premiums Overview

MANAGE PREMIUMS allows you to add and edit premiums you want to offer to your contributors. You can offer products like t-shirts or coffee mugs, subscriptions to publications and other services. Premiums are offered through Online Contribution Pages.

Premiums are available for use on any online contribution page. You can assign multiple premiums to a contribution page when configuring it. You can also "share" your premiums between your different online contribution pages. This way you can use the premiums on both your primary online contribution page as well as other special campaign or program online contribution pages.

Manage Premiums

To manage premiums, begin at the Administer CiviCRM page.

In the CiviContribute section, choose Manage Premiums.

You will see a list of existing Premiums. You can create NEW premiums or Edit, Preview, Disable or Delete EXISTING PREMIUMS using the links to the right of each premium.


To create a NEW premium, choose >>New Premium

You will be taken to the New Premium page.

Create a Name and Description for the premium.

Enter an SKU if you use them.

Premium Image - add an image to let contributors see a picture of your premium. You can add an image from a computer, from a location on the internet, use a default image or no image.
Upload from Computer using the Browse button to search your computer for the image.

You can choose Display image and thumbnail from these locations on the web: where you will need to indicate the Thumbnail URL and/or Image URL where the image is located.
Use default image will display a graphic with the text "No Image Available"
Or choose Do not display an image.

Enter a Minimum Contribution Amount that must be contributed to receive the premium.

Enter a Market Value which is the retail price of the premium.

You can indicate the Actual cost of product if you want to track your net return on the premium(s).

Under Options you can list any options that contributors can choose from, for example different colors or sizes. Separate each value with a comma to create a drop-down list of options.

Click the plus sign next to Subscription or Service Options to indicate the parameters for subscriptions to publications or services.

Choose a Period Type. Select 'Rolling' if the subscription or service starts on the current day. Select 'Fixed' if the start date is a fixed month and day within the current year (set this value in the next field).

Indicate a Fixed Period Start Day if offering a Fixed Period service or subscription.
Indicate the Duration and/or Frequency.

Choose *Enabled?" to enable the premium for use.

Click Save to save the Premium or Cancel to cancel.

If successful, you will see the message:

"The Premium Product "Update Magazine Subscription" has been saved."

Your new Premium now can be included on your online contribution page(s).


For EXISTING premiums you can Edit, Preview, Disable or Delete each option using the links to the right of each premium.


Select Edit to view the Edit Premium page where you can change the values for each option. Here you can also enable/disable the premium by checking or unchecking the box labeled Enabled? at the bottom of the page.
Click Save to save the premium.

If successful, you will see the message:

The Premium Product "Coffee Mug" has been saved.


Select Preview to preview what the premium listing will look like.
When finished click Done with Preview.

You cannot Preview a Premium that is Disabled.


Select Disable to temporarily disable an Existing Premium. You will see the warning:

"Are you sure you want to disable this premium? This action will remove the premium from any contribution pages that offer it. However it will not delete the premium record - so you can re-enable it and add it back to your contribution page(s) at a later time."

Click OK to continue or Cancel to cancel disabling the premium.

To re-enable the premium, simply click on Enable.


Select Delete to delete the premium. You will be given this warning:

Are you sure you want to delete this premium? This action cannot be undone. This will also remove the premium from any contribution pages that currently include it.

Click Delete to continue or Cancel to cancel the deletion.

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