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This page refers to CiviCRM 3.4 and 4.0, current STABLE version.

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Event Information & Settings

In this step, you configure the primary event information, including event title, type (workshop, conference), description, start and end dates, maximum number of participants, and activate the event. Enable the public participant listing feature. You will be able to go back and modify all aspects of this page at any time after completing the setup wizard.

Event Type

From the drop-down list choose the type of event. You must set up Event Types first.


Choose a related campaign from the drop-down list. You must set up Campaigns first.

Participant Role

Choose role from drop-down list.  You must set up Participant Roles first.

Participant Listing

Choose whether to allow users to see a listing of participants by setting this field to 'Name only' (list names only), 'Name and Email' (list names and emails), or 'Name, Status, and Register Date'.

Event Title

Choose a title for your event.

Event Summary

Enter a summary of the event, used to describe the event to prospective attendees.

Complete Description

Enter a more complete description of the event.

Start Date

From the dropdown lists, select the date and time the event starts.

End Date/Time

From the dropdown lists, select the date and time the event ends.

Max Number of Participants

Enter the maximum number of participants for the event. If you set this value, when the maximum number of registrations is reached the registration link will be hidden, and the text you enter in the Message if Event is Full field will be displayed.

How the number of participants are counted

This is based on the participant status settings (Administer CiviCRM » CiviEvent » Participant Statuses). Participant statuses set as "counted" will add to the number of counted participants for the event.

Offer a Waitlist?

Check this box to allow registrants to sign up on the waitlist if the event has reach maximum capacity.  If a space becomes available, the first participant from the waitlist will move to 'Pending from waitlist' status, and will be sent an email with a link to complete their registration (including paying event fees - if any).

Enabling Waitlist

Enable both "On waitlist" and "Pending from waitlist" participant statuses (Administer CiviCRM » CiviEvent » Participant Statuses).
Run the "ParticipantProcessor.php" cron script to update statuses and move people from waitlist as space is available.

Message if Event is Full

Enter the message you wish people to see when the maximum number of participants has been reached. You may want to provide information about an event waiting list or a future event, along with links to those options.

Include Map To Event Location?

Include a link to a map of the event location? You must configure a map provider in Global Settings, Mapping and Geocoding

Public Event?

If you check this box, the event will be included in iCalendar feeds.

Is this Event Active?

To activate the page, click on this box. You can later de-activate it temporarily or permanently.

Click Continue>> to proceed or Cancel to cancel the event configuration.

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