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This page refers to CiviCRM 3.4 and 4.0, current STABLE version.

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Make sure to check out the FLOSS Manual Understanding CiviCRM as well! You can also support this project by ordering a hard copy.

Or support us by buying an eBook or hard copy of Using CiviCRM from Packt Publishing.

If you need to confirm the version of PHP running on your server, find out whether specific PHP features are enabled, and / or check on memory allocation limits - you do this by running phpInfo().

One easy way to do this is:

  • Create a new file - you can call it phpInfo.php - and type the following code in the file:
  • Save or upload this file to a location below your website root.
  • Load the file in your browser.

You should see a page starting with the PHP logo and the version running on your server - followed by several tables with complete configuration information.

Alternatively, from the command line:

  • Aucun