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PUM Senior Experts is a Dutch organization. The PUM Senior Experts (all volunteers) share hands-on business knowledge with organisations in developing countries and emerging markets, taking away bottle necks, and facilitating sustainable paths for growth. To learn more about what PUM Senior Experts do check their website at

PUM has been using CiviCRM (in combination with their Drupal website) as their main information system since 2015. They rely heavily on CiviCase, as almost all of their activities are captured in cases. They also have quite a few extensions they use, some of them developed specifically for them as the challenge was very specific but also quite a few where they funded the development but the extension is on the extension directory. For example .They are supported by the CiviCRM partner CiviCooP (more about CiviCooP on that are based in The Netherlands, as is PUM.

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