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Context & Overview - PCP

You may enable your constituents to make personal campaign pages.

This is a desirable option for fundraising "walks" or other campaigns where individuals ask their friends and family to "sponsor" them.  The personal campaign pages could also be used to throw charity benefits for victims or for civic fundraising drives.

A personal campaign page allows your constituents to personalize the fundraiser, event, organization, etc., by offering their personal reasons and or experiences with the organization on their own personal page. Also, your contributors will in turn send their personal campaign pages to their circle of friends.  You can enable the "tell a friend" feature to help someone share their page even more.

Here are the basic steps in the process, which will be shown in detail on the next page in this section:

1. Contributor goes to the Contribution page and makes a donation

2. After making a donation the "thank you page" gives them the opportunity to click a button and "create their own page"

3. The contribution enters the information and uploads a photo (optional) and is sent an email with instructions. Other features include a progress meter and a tell-a-friend link.

4. The email sent gives the contributor instructions on how to log in and edit their page, and how to share their page with others.

If you wish for you users to be able to edit their own personal contribution pages, you must be willing to have logins enabled on your site. People will create a username when they create their personal page.

5. As an administrator, you can view, manage or delete the personal pages that people create

6. As as administrator you can search contributions to find out which personal pages raised the most money, as well as how much money the campaign raised in general

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