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Can I create an online volunteer organization?

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I would love if this software can be used for an ONLINE VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION where people can register as a volunteer, click which project they want to sign up for, then be in comunication with everyone w/in that project by email/bb/forum/other. There might be project managers (??). The entire organization will be online.

What does anyone think about using CiviCRM to implement this??

You can do a lot of the above using Drupal Organic Groups. You can use CiviCRM to collect and manage data on contacts in this setup.

Check for an example and also more information.

We've implemented a few of these "type" of sites with CivicSpace On Demand:


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  1. Mar 28, 2009

    I am going to begin trying to setup the Volunteer features discussed. If you are interested. Contact me.

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