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This page links in my pdf file (Set up CiviCRM in AWS Notes (intro).pdf) that describes how-to set up LAMP / WordPress / CiviCRM on Amazon Web Services.  The doc also provides links to a number of very useful web resources that helped me complete the process.  Feedback and comments welcome.

As of November 2016 I've used this general process to:

  1. Set up an initial website with LAMP / WordPress / CiviCRM for Chamber Music Amici in Eugene, OR.
  2. Set up an intial website with LAMP / WordPress / CiviCRM for Eugene Symphony Guild, also in Eugene, OR.
  3. Save a snapshot of the initial setup, before customizing the site for Amici.
  4. Use the saved snapshot as the basis for a new instance that is now up and running.  After customization, it supports the Eugene Symphony Guild.
  5. The snapshot is available for my further use in support additional non-profits in this area, should the interest arise.

I find LAMP / WordPress / CiviCRM a very useful platform and hope this information is of use to others in the community.