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Proposer/Contact person

Single click donations - Nathan Kinkade, Creative Commons

Creative Commons has leveraged the existing CiviCRM script bin/ContributionProcessor.php to create a donation process that potentially involves only a single click on your site.  Other than the obvious benefit of reducing the clicks needed to donate at your site there are some other practical benefits of this process.  The topic is elaborated upon here:

Wes Morgan

CiviCase - Physician Health Program of BC

More details TBA

D D / demeritcowboy

Wikimedia Foundation

Description coming soon . . .

Diana Montalion Dupuis

Ask the Experts

Ask our panel of CiviCRM pros your most burning questions

Wes Morgan

Showcase of CiviCRM use for sustainability organizations, etc

Aaron Pava, CivicActions/EcoTuesday

Brainstorming a mobile strategy for CiviCRM

CiviCRM could be SO powerful on the mobile platform. An organized brainstorming discussion - smart people with good ideas and passionate about mobile technology and/or CiviCRM are encouraged to attend! What are some use cases we can envision? What are the different ways we can imagine those use cases being implemented? What can we do next? The output of this conversation will be recorded and posted to the CiviCRM site for further conversation/action. Let's make it mobile!

Ian Rhett, CivicActions

Session proposal guidelines

These are only guidelines - feel free to suggest any subjects and formats...

We want to cover as broad range of subjects and use cases as possible.  Our aim in these sessions is to talk about what folks are doing with CiviCRM, how you are using it, and the things you'd like to do in the future.  We're keen to steer away from training sessions at this event, but if you are interested in training, consider attending one of the two training events we are holding on the 18th ( or

Subjects we'd like to cover include:

  • panels to discuss configuring and using CiviCRM in specific types of organizations / use cases (e.g. advocacy, art and culture, education, fund-raising, human services, membership associations)
  • usability roadmap - ideas for taking CiviCRM usability to the next level
  • hooks - walkthrough of a module which uses them
  • ajax - extending CiviCRM pages to do nifty things via jQuery (webservice calls for dupe checks etc). Using AJAX to build different custom interfaces to access CiviCRM data
  • themeing - making your site look different than the standard CiviCRM design.
  • CiviMail best practice
  • Performance and hosting
  • Security
  • Tips and tricks for users - making the most out of CiviCRM's UI, short cuts and lesser known functionality
  • fundraising techniques with CiviContribute
  • the community - ideas for growing and strengthening
  • Aucun

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