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CiviCRM though it is a robust machine it is not always compatible with modules and extensions written by other Drupal and Joomla Developers. Below is the start of, hopefully, a long list of modules and extensions that have been community confirmed to be either working or not working with CiviCRM. The hope is that the community at large will add to these lists not only modules that work and modules that don't work but also links to information about what was not working and why the user thinks that things were not working (obviously if a module is working you don't need to say why it is working). Posting requirements are the name of the module or extension with a link to the module or extension, a link to the reason why the module does not work with CiviCRM (only if module or extension is not compatible), the user name of the person that added the module to the list and the version of CiviCRM that the user was using when they discovered that the said module or extension was not working or working.

Drupal Modules (Compatible With CiviCRM)

Drupal Modules (Incompatible With CiviCRM)

White Screen of Death aka WSOD (Reason) added by newfoundcivicrm (CiviCRM Version 3.1.3)

Joomla Extensions (Compatible With CiviCRM)

Joomla Extensions (Incompatible With CiviCRM)

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