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Languages that are read and written from right to left (RTL) as Hebrew or Arabic, bring up new challenges for localising CiviCRM. This page is intended to document those difficulties along with proposed solutions.

Found Issues

Main menu not aligned RTL

The main menu of CiviCRM is being translated but the order in which the items appear is not reversed.


Misaligned non-translated checkboxes

When some texts that accompany a checkbox are translated and some not, it's hard to find out out what the checkbox corresponds to because of the mixture between RTL and LTR.


Misaligned non-translated wizard progress indicator

When some wizard's step names are translated and some not, the wizard progress indicator is broken. An example is the mailing campaign creation page.

CKEditor not set on RTL

Apparently CKEditor does support RTL languages, both on the interface and the the text direction using the BiDi add-on, however there is an issue enabling the add-on with the version of CKEditor CiviCRM is using.