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This course is based on the common 2-day CiviCRM User and Administrator Trainings offered in various cities around the world. Joe Murray of JMA Consulting, Stuart Gaston of CiviTeach and Eliot Mason of Mercury Motos provided the two day training in the two days prior to CiviCon Denver. Prior the event, we thought we would focus of the content mostly on non-profit staff who use CiviCRM as part of their job, and are not necessarily tech-savvy. Apart from a special request from a few participants for a session on configuring Accounting Integration, we thought we would touch on setup, configuration and administrative settings only briefly when it might be useful to know something could be done, rather than training participants on how to do it. The session material is not expected to be followed rigorously in every session.


  • Understand how the CiviCRM community works and where you can find further information and support
  • Know how to use CiviCRM as a day to day staff user
  • Understand what's involved in planning and configuring CiviCRM installations
  • Understand the different CiviCRM Components and how they interact with each other
  • Work through practical examples and exercises relating to the course material  

Previous knowledge assumed

  • Learners are familiar with using online software applications / Office based software

Materials and equipment required

  • Each learner will be given a copy of the Course Timetable, details of each session with the exercises, details on how they access support and access online resources.
  • Session leaders use a projector and computer to demonstrate the session materials.
  • Each learner has access to a computer which can connect to a CiviCRM installation. These computers are used by the learner to complete the session exercises.
  • JMA Consulting arranged for each learner to have a demo instance of CiviCRM available to do exercises on a different subdomain of


Day 1

08:30-08:45Arrival with coffee 
08:45-09:00Introductions & Course OverviewJoe
09:00-10:00Session 1 - Introduction to CiviCRMJoe
10:00-11:00Session 2 - Set UpJoe
11:15-12:15Session 3 - Organizing DataStuart
13:15-14:15Session 4 - ProfilesStuart
14:15-15:00Session 5 - SearchesEliot
15:15-16:15Session 6 - ContributeEliot
16:15-16:30Discussion and feedbackJoe

Day 2

08:00-9:00Arrival with breakfast 
09:00-09:15Recap of Day 1, choose topic(s) for Session 12 
09:15-10:15Session 7 - EventsEliot
10:15-11:15Session 8 - Accounting Integration or DuplicatesJoe
11:30-12:30Session 9 - MembershipStuart

Session 10 - Communications


Session 11 - Reports

15:45-16:45Session 12 - One or two of: Website Integration, Campaigns/Survey/Petitions, Cases, Grants (no exercises)Stuart, Eliot
16:45-17:00Discussion and feedbackJoe

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