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Context & Overview - CiviEvent

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CiviEvent Context and Overview

Before starting to use CiviEvent, the administrator needs to set up the events, as described in section CiviEvent Admin.

Events are an important part of constituent engagement and fundraising. Managing events and event participants can provide valuable information on what events are successful for your organization and important to your stakeholders.

Online Event Registration is an excellent driver of traffic to your website. It also can save the organization some administration if all of the event information is available and easy to find on your website.

To use CiviEvent, you:

  1. Name the Event
  2. Setup Event Type and Details
  3. Setup Participant Roles and Status options
  4. Set Pricing
  5. Provide Online Registration
  6. Review Responses and Attendance data to improve future events

When you click on the CiviEvent menu from the CiviCRM home page, you will be brought to the main CiviEvent screen which lists all events and registered participants.

See Event Summary for more information

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