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Facebook Integration for CiviCRM

Features / Functionality

These are some possible features to consider including in the prototype:

  • Add "check for Facebook link" action (button?) to Contact Summary screen. This checks if the currently viewed contact is a "Friend" of the logged in user.
  • Show a Facebook "tab" on Contact Summary screen if the contact being viewed IS a friend
  • Retrieve a few elements from the friends FB profile and display on the Facebook tab:
    • current status
    • photo
    • shared Network (friends that logged in user has in common with currently viewed contact/fb friend)
  • Trigger one or more Facebook Actions from within CiviCRM (probably from the contact's FB tab):
    • Send Gift, Poke, Write on Wall, Message, View Full Profile
  • Retrieve and display a list of all contacts in CiviCRM who are currently linked to the logged in user as a Facebook friend
  • Search Facebook for friends of the currently logged in user who are in the CiviCRM DB but are NOT already linked as friends in CiviCRM


  • Get Facebook account(s) and install the Facebook Developer App
  • Review the platform doc - especially API usage
  • Identify the data elements needed at the contact/user level so that the CiviCRM/FB component can access that contact's FB friends data
  • Prototype one or more of the features above
  • Aucun

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