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A/B testing is a form of testing that allows an organization to determine which mail will be more effective when sent to their mailing list. This involves sending the email to smaller subsets and using data and statistics to pick the winning email which will be sent to the rest of the group. A/B testing is standard and recommended practice to improve your results from any mass mailing and has been used by Wikimedia, Obama campaign and others very effectively.


This project aims at creating an A/B testing tool for CiviMail so all users of CiviMail can improve their response rate for all their mailings. To make this easier on the end user this project will also incorporate graphical reporting (such as using charts, graphs etc.) of the mailing statistics. This will allow the admin to interpret and monitor the results of their mailing campaign and hence make a decision based on data.

Mentor : Kurund Jalmi


Week 1-2: Research weeks

1.      Get up to speed on AngularJS, D3 and CrossFilterJS

2.      Get up to speed on CiviMail functionality

3.      Learn CiviCRM REST API.

4.      Research competitors design and usability

Week 3: Design and Usability mock-ups

1.      Create wire frame for A/B testing and reporting.

2.      Create specifications at a high level.

Week 4-6:

1.      Blog post on summarizing findings of research and also the specifications

2.      Work on reporting.

3.      Incorporate D3JS and CrossFilterJS into Civi reporting framework.

Week 7-9:

1.      Bug fixes and improvements for reporting

2.      Deploy reporting on demo instance

3.      A blog post with details of the new version and requests of feedback from the community.

4.      Implement an A/B testing screens and functionality.

Week 10:

1.      Document work done

2.      Integrate with CiviMail-blast UI project.

3.      Incorporate visualization in other CiviCRM reports.

Week 11:

1.      Testing and bug fixes.

2.      Merge into CiviCRM master.

Week 12:

1.      Project wrap up and buffer week.

2.      Final blog post


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