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Commentaire: Added info about how to limit the rows returned by url trigger.


  • Example: civicrm/profile&reset=1&force=1&gid=N&city=London
  • The above url actually does a search, so you can link together sequentially multiple fields. Thus to see all "Democrats" in "California" in my local site, I can use this URL:

    Bloc de code

To specify the amount of rows in a page list, you can add "crmRowCount" parameter to url, like q=civicrm/profile?reset=1&force=1&gid=N&crmRowCount=9 .

Be sure to verify the correct field names and values to use in these these URLs by checking the field link from a My Account page, OR by browsing to your profile's listing page without additional filters and doing View Source from your browser.