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Learn about the various ways you can use CiviCRM to communicate with contacts.




  • Have an overview of the different tools that you can use for communication in CiviCRM, and the requirements of each (e.g. any necessary system configuration or third party providers).
  • Understand how to create and send personalised mass mailings, and how to track the effectiveness of these mailings.
  • Understand CiviCRM's email templating system.
  • Be able to carry out two way communication via SMS.
  • Understand how to create scheduled mailings based on events or memberships


  1. How to use of Groups for newsletter subscriptions, and self-serve subscription management. Impact of using search results instead of groups, or groups named for internal purposes.
  2. How to construct the parts of a personalized mass email and send it.
  3. How to send an SMS message.
  4. How to schedule reminder emails.
  5. How to save email sent from Outlook and gmail into CiviCRM.

Session plan

This session aims to take 60 minutes.  It includes some front of the class demonstrations (that can be carried out using the CiviCRM that was used to run the training course). Since this session is about sending live email, it is probably worth 1) ensuring that live email can be sent from the environment that you are using, and 2) reinforcing the fact with students' that live email will be sent.


  1. mailing list management (covered in some exercises) and
  2. creating and sending newsletters


Mailing list management (5)


  • links in each email
  • their contact dashboard


Creating newsletters (15)


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