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Become familiar with basic financial concepts in CivICRM CiviCRM (including payment processors), be comfortable creating and working with online contribution pages, and be comfortable carrying out back end contribution administration and reporting.


  • Basic CiviContribute concepts (contributions, financial types, custom data)
  • Relationship of CiviContribute to other parts of CiviCRM (e.g. contacts, memberships and events)
  • Contribution pages
  • Payment processors
  • Campaign widgets
  • Premiums
  • Personal campaign pages
  • Sales tax and invoicing 
  • Back end contribution admin (including the contribution dashboard, creating and editing contributions, and bulk entry of offline contributions)


Show a few examples of real world contribution pages. It's probably helpful to show people some that have been themed, and some that haven't been themed. and have some good examples of themed pages.  CiviCRM has a good example of not themed pages.

Contribution page exercises (



Before starting the exercises, it is a good idea to show people what contribution page administration looks like by showing them the manage contribution pages screen.


  • There are two types of payment processor
    • on your website (SSL required, smoother workflow)
    • on the payment processors website (easier and cheaper)
  • All payment processors have different pricing schedules
  • You can see the out of the box integrations on the payment processors page.
  • Other payment processors are available via extensions

Sales Tax and Invoicing (5)

  • Show people the sales tax and invoicing settings pages (administer>CiviContribute>CiviContribute component settings)
  • Discuss the page settings (what do you call sales tax, due date and display settings)
  • Then show them how to create the sales tax Account (administer>CiviContribute>Financial accounts), make sure Financial Account Type is set to Liability. Select Enabled and Is Tax and specify the Tax Rate. 
  • After you create the Financial Account, assign it to the specific Financial Type (adminster > CiviContribute > Financial Types). Find the Financial Type this sales tax applies to, and click on Accounts. Click on Assign Account.
  • Once a sales tax Financial Account has been added, you will see it listed with the other Financial Accounts for that specific Financial Type.

Personal campaign pages (5)


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