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You should aim to cover the following points in this session

  • What profiles are Profiles are "a collection of fields" and how they are created/edited using the drag and drop profile editor
  • Look at some example profiles in use
  • Learners should create their own profiles and consider how their own organisation organization would use profiles

Extra points that it would be good to go into, if there is time include:

  • Batch updating of contacts using a profile. Note: Batch update can only be performed on one type of contact at a time (Individual or OrganisationOrganization) and on less than 100 contacts
  • Embedding profiles into ANY web page using HTML form snippets (note: these forms don't work with Recaptcha enabled) 
  • Profiles for Search Results
  • Profiles and Access Control

Session plan


  • Such as new contacts - show the learners the reserved / new Individual profile create form
  • Explain why the system uses reserved profiles and that you can still edit some elements of some reserved profiles
  • Used to register site users and edit existing Drupal user account details - explain what this means
  • Used for standalone data collection forms. Explain who might use these e.g. Volunteers adding form data
  • Used for the batch updating of multiple contacts
  • For Search Results (Advanced Search)
  • Used within Contribution and Event Registration forms


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