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  • Implement hierselect widget across codebase
  • Implement selective loading / unloading of sub-forms as select values change (event, relationship for custom data fields etc)
  • Better text editor across CiviCRM
  • Get tooltip working
  • Usability changes from zoey
  • Simplify forms like New Individual etc.
  • Generalized dojo-based widget which allows user to Select from existing contacts OR if you type in a name with no match you get a simple dojo pop-up
    form to enter basic contact info. If we make it easy to specify a filter of contact subsets for each instance ( eg. contact_type =
    'Organization'...) and "force" the type of new contact to be created if needed (e.g. Organization in the Current Employer case) - then we could use this in many places:
    • Current Employer input field for Edit.php and Profiles
    • much smoother workflows for "New Contribution", "New Event Registration", "New Membership", "New Relationship" etc.

Search restructuring

  • Split the code so we use temp tables as needed
  • Consider caching results from smart groups
  • Define an interface so other modules can add / modify search criteria / constraints


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