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This specification is currently an incomplete draft. Section headings similar to those in the CiviContribute Specification spec have been roughed in. A data - centred view is mapped out starting at #Membership.

Phase 1 Scope / Assumptions



Detail Reports options:

  • in addition to having ACL for membership reports, perhaps have access control lists for individual field level elements of other reports dealing with membership information
  • include or exclude each of the membership statuses and types
  • set a report date other than the current date
  • for those with appropriate access privileges, include membership $ amounts
  • include membership status and type as available fields in reports on donations
  • integrate with work planning module (like Basecamp) to allow eg. renewal phoning to be assigned to volunteers and tracked
  • formats: 8.5" x 11", 3 up mailing labels, envelops

Sort orders (sample):
last name, first name, middle name
street name, street type, street direction, street number, street number suffix, apartment number
allow odd and even number street numbers to be sorted separately for reports
group by household or not


Changes to membership information and payment information need to be tracked including the users who made them and the date.

To Do's

  • incorporate Neil's suggestions re: geolocation and especially Access Control
  • incorporate dave's use case of $20 membership / $80 donation for $100 payment
  • incorporate Howard's suggestion re: 'chart of accounts' to provide several default configurations for different uses: eg. different kinds of US charitable orgs, US political party, Cdn political party, Cdn charitable org, etc.

Commercial Systems


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