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  • Memberships to specific facilities and services (health & fitness, after-school, arts programs, etc.)
  • Memberships in various units or by member type (state- or county-level, by type or kind, etc.)

    titleEnabling CiviCRM Modules

    If you don't see the Administrative options for CiviMember in the control panel, you will need to enable the component. Go to Administer CiviCRM >> Global Settings >> Enable Components to do this. See Enable Components.

    titleConfigure Contribution Type(s) for Membership Fees

    If you plan on collecting fees online for memberships, you may need to create special contribution type(s) to differentiate membership payments from other types of contributions. If so, see Contribution Types You must add contribution type(s) prior to setting up your membership types.

    titleFree Memberships

    Even if a membership type is free for contacts to sign up to, you will still need to create a Contribution Page for it. Go to "Manage Contribution Pages>>Configure Contribution Page"
    and deselect "Execute real-time monetary transactions" and
    "Contribution Amounts section enabled".


Default Membership Types



Fixed Start

Minimum Fee


Relationship Type





2 year

Household member is





1 year






1 Lifetime

Household member is


To create a NEW membership type, choose >>New Membership Type.


titleMembership Status and Reminder Server Requirement

Keeping Membership Status updated and using the Renewal Reminder Day function requires that on your server you setup a "cron job" to run a script which will update membership statuses and send out reminders.
A command-line php script - bin/UpdateMembershipRecord.php.txt - is provided which updates the status for each membership record based on your configured status rules. This script will also send Renewal Reminder emails to members for Membership Types that are configured to do so:

  • You will need to edit this file to set the FROM email address at line 197 and save it as UpdateMembershipRecord.php before running it.
  • Starting with release 1.8 you will need to include the username and password for an authorized Drupal or Joomla user to "authenticate" the script. This must be someone with Edit Contact permissions for contacts.
  • Starting with versions 2.0.7 and 2.1.2, you will also need to configure a site key to run this script (learn more...).
  • Then, you will need to setup a "cron job" on your server to execute this script on a daily basis (or periodically based on your organization's requirements).
  • If you want to script to update Membership Status but do not want to send a reminder email, you can comment out lines approimately 184 through 257 (check your brackets)
  • Use wget to run the script:

    Bloc de code
    // For Drupal installs - replace <drupal_root> with the base URL of your Drupal site
    $ wget 'http://<drupal_root>/sites/all/modules/civicrm/bin/UpdateMembershipRecord.php?
    // For Joomla installs - replace <joomla_root> with the base URL of your Joomla! site
    $ wget 'http://<joomla_root>/administrator/components/com_civicrm/civicrm/bin/UpdateMembershipRecord.php?

    You can also run the script by entering the above URL in your browser location bar. This is a useful trick for debugging any problems you may have running the script.

Renewal Reminder Day - enter the number of days prior to membership expiration that you want the reminder to be sent.


Select Disable to temporarily disable an Existing membership type. You will see the warning:

"Are you sure you want to disable this membership type? "

Click OK to continue or Cancelto cancel disabling the membership type.


To re-enable the membership type, simply click on Enable.


Select Delete to delete the membership type. You will be given this warning:

WARNING: Deleting this option will result in the loss of all membership records of this type. This may mean the loss of a substantial amount of data, and the action cannot be undone. Do you want to continue?

Click Delete to continue or Cancelto cancel the deletion.