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Things to try for group deadlock issues

  1. Housekeeping - look to reduce the total number of groups where possible
  2. Housekeeping - look to reduce the number of slow groups where possible. You can fill the group contact cache by going to any record & on the groups tab looking for show smart group - you need to keep an eye in mysql for slow queries. Alternative click each group's 'contacts' url in turn to see which one takes ages
  3. Housekeeping - look to reduce the number of large groups where possible - after filling the group contact cache try
    SELECT * FROM (  SELECT group_id, , count(*) as no_contacts FROM civicrm_group_contact_cache LEFT JOIN civicrm_group g ON = group_id GROUP BY group_id  ) as c ORDER BY no_contacts DESC LIMIT 20;


     to get the 20 largest




In this wiki page I'd like to collect scaling and performance problems and solutions for CiviCRM. This is a continuation of the Scaling and Peformance session of CiviCon London 2011.


  1. imports
  2. exports
  3. Mailings / blacklists
  4. Speed of website
  5. Dashlet draining the server - 
  6. autocomplete taking too long (long queries, timeout of search being fired)
  7. dedupe process taking too long
  8. temp tables fill the database
  9. php as CGI is slow with civicrm


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