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  • Project/Community Overview and History
    • Relationtional: Who are the key people and what do they do?
    • How are we structured?
    • Where are people located?
  • Product
    • What we do - why we exist.
    • How are we positioned in our market?
  • Customer Profile
    • Who uses CiviCRM?
    • Vertical Segments - Sounds like a pie chart would be best.
    • How does CiviCRM drive adoption?
      • Consultants?
      • Systems Integrators?
      • Sales channel?
    • How do we know what's going on in our market, what is our expertise in our market tires segment?
  • Problem & Solution
    • What Problem do we solve?
    • How do we do it?
    • How do we solve problems without creating new ones or what do we do about those problems.
  • Technical Overview Very High Level
    • Product Components/Architecture
    • How does the customer interact with the product
  • Differentiators
    • What makes you different?
    • What are our innovations?


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