Comparaison des versions


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  1. confirm that the issue can be reproduced
    1. if soyes, edit the issue to add the Reproduced label
    2. if notno, request from the reporter instructions for how to reproduce
  2. confirm that it is properly categorized as a bug or improvement
  3. confirm that the priority is appropriate.  A guide to priority levels can be found here.
  4. check the best component(s) are selected, e.g. CiviMember, Core CiviCRM, CiviMail, etc.
  5. attempt to answer any questions by the logger or identify why it might be stuck, and ask for screenshots or debug output if possible
  6. add the performance label if it is performance related
  7. add the fix version Unassigned unless there is an open PR - if there is an open PR set to the next version and send to QA