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Import/Export Mappings Overview

Import/Export Mappings provide a way to save specific imports or exports. CiviCRM allows you to save the field mappings you create during an Import or Export process so that you can reuse them. This is useful if you need to repeatedly import data from another application or export data for a regular report. You create and modify these mappings during the Import or Export process. You can rename or delete mappings you have saved here.


Import/Export Mappings are created and saved during the Import or Export process.
You must first set up and save the Import Mapping or Export Mapping for it to appear in this section.

Save Import/Export Mappings

See Importing Data or Exporting Data. NOTE: These sections are currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION and are incomplete (March 2007)

Rename or Delete Import/Export Mappings

To rename or delete Import/Export Mappings, begin at the Administer CiviCRM page.

In the Configure section, choose Import/Export Mappings.

If you have no saved mappings you will see this message:

There are currently no saved import or export mappings. You create saved mappings as part of an Import or Export task.

If you do have saved mappings you will see a list of existing mappings. You can Edit (rename) or Delete them using the links to the right of each Mapping.


Select Delete to delete the mapping. You will be given the warning:

WARNING : Are you sure you want to delete Export Mapping? This action can not be undone.

Select Delete to proceed with the deletion or Cancel to cancel the deletion.


Selecting Edit will bring you to the Edit Mappings page where you can change the name and/or description.

Click Save to save the Mapping name/description.

If successful, you will be returned to the Import/Export Mappings page and see the changes reflected in the list of mappings.