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Calendar module - Hebrew Calendar for Drupal7 Displays Hebrew dates, holidays, and more on a Drupal calendar. (This is the standard way calendars are created with Drupal Views) This module is a fork of the popular "calendar" module for Drupal.



  • Typical registrations/forms - Use the native CiviCRM profiles within event registrations, within contribution pages, or as a stand-alone profile forms. Main limitation with native profiles is that all data collected ends up on the contact record, and  the participant record. There is no option to create CRM relationships, or other more complex requirements.

  • Youth/family/complex registrations/forms - Get children registered for school, camp, field trips, let a potential member join your organization by filling out a single form for their entire family, etc. Completely replaces products like WuFoo forms, RegPack, GoogleForms, and other form builders that end up generating a lot of manual labor because the data collected is not integrated into your main systems.  With CiviCRM and webforms, all the data collected ends up automatically in the proper place in your back-office. 
  • Sending SMS/Text messagesSetting up a SMS Provider for CiviSMS - Perfect for communicating with your on-the-go members, parents, event participants, and anyone else. While this requires an account with an SMS service provider, some providers do NOT charge any monthly fees. So you can set it up now to have in place for emergencies. 

  • Approaches for integrating CiviCRM and your General Ledger: Approaches for CiviCRM and General Ledger Integration

  • Using CiviCRM as an accounts receivable system:  Using CiviCRM as an Accounts Receivable System